A VanFest Experience

A VanFest Experience

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Feb 6 - Feb 10, 2025

Feb 6 - Feb 10

Space Coast Daily Park
Melbourne, FL

LIFTOFF! is Florida's premier vanlife & nomadic celebration!This weekend-long, space-themed event will have hundreds of vans, buses, and everything in-between coming together for music, games, and memories.While there's no guarantee of a rocket launch, if the schedule works out we'll have a great view of it! 🚀


C O M E   C E L E B R A T E   W I T H   U S !

You're likely to see some familiar faces & make new life-long friends. We'll have live music, nomad games, contests & giveaways, workshops, dance parties, potlucks, jam sessions, health & fitness classes, and more!The road often puts many miles between us, and LIFTOFF! bridges that gap, bringing together like-minded souls from diverse paths. Here, the essence of vanlife transcends the miles, weaving a tapestry of stories, experiences, and knowledge, and memories.

are you

Y O U ' R E   I N   T H E   R I G H T   S P O T !

If you're #vanlife curious and looking for inspiration, you're in the right place! You'll find amazing industry-leading sponsors and vendors, learn from educational classes and hands-on workshops led by experts, and meet and hear stories from vanlifers, influencers, and nomads of all types.And of course, you'll be blown away by 100+ custom converted vans, buses, and other amazing rigs all open for tours!

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Want to sponsor VanFest: liftoff?

We're looking for industry-leading companies to showcase at VanFest's second annual event in Florida.We're anticipating 300+ rigs and 1000+ attendees; a great opportunity to get your brand out there and noticed!If you'd like to get involved, send us your info to the right and let's go! 🚀

What is LIFTOFF?

LIFTOFF! is an amazing three-day event from VanFest,
celebrating vanlife and nomadic living!

Welcome to VanFest's second annual event in Melbourne, FL -- LIFTOFF 2025! 🎉We're pumped that you're joining us at Space Coast Daily Park in Melbourne, FL from Feb 6th - 10th. Get ready for an unforgettable weekend of rig tours, expert-led workshops and classes, live music, dance party & costume contest, industry-leading vendors and sponsors, lifestyle influencers, a nomad semi-formal, games, potlucks, and more!LIFTOFF is more than a gathering; it's an opportunity to connect, learn, and explore. Here, we offer essential resources to help you navigate life on the road and make the most out of your time in the area.Check out the schedule - we'll be updating it often!There are no hookups available at LIFTOF, and you must be 100% self contained. You won't be able to leave or re-enter in your rig during the event, so make sure to fill up on fuel, water, and food before arriving. And make sure to empty all waste tanks as well!If you do need to leave, there's a few things within reasonable walking/biking/onewheeling/etc distance. You're also welcome to take a rideshare from/to the front gate.

Essential ResourcesGas Stations

- Wawa is within walking distance of LIFTOFF!, and it's a great spot to fill up, get snacks/drinks, etc.
- ONE9 at 4455 W King St, Cocoa, FL 32926 has city water hookups at the diesel pumps behind the building.

RV Dump Stations

- Wickham Park at 2500 Parkway Dr, Melbourne, FL 32935 has an RV dump station with potable water for $16, but bring your own hose to fill up!
- Flying J at 100 N Kings Hwy, Fort Pierce, FL 34945 has an RV dump for $10, possibly with potable water.
- Camping World at 2123 S Jenkins Rd, Fort Pierce, FL 34947 has an RV dump that's free for Good Sam members, and it's open 24/7. ;)

Food / Supplies

- Publix at 5380 Stadium Pkwy #100, Rockledge, FL 32955 is arguably the best chain grocery store in the area, easily walkable from LIFTOFF.
- Walmart at 8500 N Wickham Rd, Melbourne, FL 32940 is, well, Walmart. They probably have what you need! This one does not allow overnight parking, though.
- Super Target at 8455 N Wickham Rd, Melbourne, FL 32940 is a great alternative to Walmart, and also probably has what you need.

Gyms / Showers

- Planet Fitness at 1802 US-1, Rockledge, FL 32955 is a somewhat-24/7 location. Closes Friday at 9pm, Sat/Sun at 7pm.
- Anytime Fitness at 6300 N Wickham Rd, Melbourne, FL 32940 is truly 24/7.
- Cocoa Beach Aquatic Center at 4800 Tom Warriner Blvd, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931 offers day passes, showers included.


- Paisley Vegan Kitchen* at 2447 N Wickham Rd #149, Melbourne, FL 32935 is an amazing plant-based restaurant, featuring great baked items as well.

Local Recreation and Things to Do

- Cocoa Beach Pier: an iconic spot, featuring the famous Cocoa Beach arch. Parking (last time we were there) was $10 for the day, with tons of restaurants in the area. You can rent surfboards on the beach as well! Open-air (aka don't get naked) showers on the beach.- Kennedy Space Center: a must-see spot if you like anything space-related. Tickets are ~$70 per person, but in our opinion it's a GREAT price for everything you get. Also a great place to watch a launch from!- Black Point Widlife Drive: free with a National Parks pass, or $10 via honor-system box. A great drive through quintessential coastal Florida, offering tons of birds, gators, deer, boar, and other animal sighting and photo opportunities. Some walking paths as well. Best at dawn and dusk.

Event Changes

First off, we wanted to thank everyone who submitted their feedback on last years' event! We read through it all, and while there were a ton of good things said, we heard you loud and clear on improvements you wanted to see for 2025. So, without further ado...

Venue Changes

Carnival Equipment: this was probably the #1 piece of feedback. The 'carnival stuff' (which was a few active and a few folded-up rides and some games) were being used by the venue the weekend before and the weekend after VanFest for other events, and we struck a deal with the venue to leave them in place. While it helped the event financially, it was more equipment than anticipated and positioned terribly. We recognize that it ended up being a huge detractor, so it'll all be gone in 2025! We'll be able to have more rigs exhibiting around the midway, better placement for our amazing sponsors and vendors, and ensure that the event is all van/rig-focused! 🎉Bathrooms: we're going to be spreading out the portable bathrooms a bit to make access easier.Stage & Workshop Tent: better placement, sound system, and a workshop tent WITH WALLS so we can use a projector!

Better & Easier Communications

Both pre- and post-event we're overhauling how we're communicating:

- The schedule will be updated hourly, and will be put into an easy-to-read grid format as well.- Everyone camping will receive an invite to the Whatsapp group via email after ticket purchase. Whatsapp will be used to communicate changes in real-time, as well as allow campers to have event-based discussions.- You'll be able to opt in to SMS/text message updates and receive a message whenever an event in starting, the schedule changes, etc. We'll send out details on subscribing a week or two before the event.- After the event, we'll be sharing a public folder for everyone to upload and share photos/videos with other community members!

Check-in & Parking

We've overhauled our check-in process to make everything smoother. When you arrive to camp, you'll receive a Rig Info Card to fill out and display, a VanFest sticker, arrival photos (must arrive during offical arrival window), a printed QR code linking to the schedule and map, voting cards, and raffle tickets (if exhibiting). If you need a physical map we'll have a limited quantity available. We'll have someone guide you to your parking spot based off your Camping Area selection.


The LIFTOFF! schedule isn't complete, but once it is, you're gonna have a hard time choosing what to do with all the awesome activities and events lined up! We're adding more games, music, Away Missions (see below), workshops and panel sessions, and more. Check back often!Got something you want added to the schedule? Maybe you want to run a workshop, lead a fitness class, open up a somatic sharing session, or just have an idea for a fun game? If so, email us to discuss! and let's chat!

Away Missions
We're adding TWO activities -- called Away Missions, of course -- to LIFTOFF!

MISSION: EXPLORATION | 9am to 5pm | Kennedy Space Center
Don't miss out on the first official Away Mission of LIFTOFF! We'll be traveling at warp speed (ok, maybe like 55mph max) to the famous Kennedy Space Center on a mission of exploration and discovery.
Check out the Rocket Garden, Shuttle Launch Experience, and get up-close with the Saturn V -- the largest rocket to ever fly! Open to anyone camping at LIFTOFF! Full details to be sent out in the weeks prior to mission start. We're working with KSC on group rates, and simply passing along the cost. Open only to those camping at LIFTOFF!Check out the ticket page for details for details!MISSION: TERRAFORMING | 9am to 5pm | Cocoa Beach
Join us for our second Away Mission of 2025 as we head to the beach for a day of "terraforming" - beach clean-up and conservation efforts.
We'll focus on cleanup in the morning, then take the afternoon and evening to enjoy the beach, have a potluck-style cookout, get some music going, and celebrate our amazing community! In the evening, we'll head over to a local brewery for some amazing brews, more music, foods trucks, and games. Overnight parking available for a limited number of spots! 100% free!Check out the ticket page for details for details!

Event Format & Layout

We're full time vanlifers ourselves, and aim to create events that are as community-focused as possible. That's why we've added an extra day of camping at no additional cost, organizing pre- and post-event activities at no additional cost (beyond what KSC is charging), and adding in even more to the schedule. We're also reducing the tour hours for those exhibting to 11am to 5pm -- we want everyone to feel comfortable and have a chance to meet new friends, reconnect with old friends, enjoy music, dance, eat, drink, and have a great time. But at the same time, we're trying to inspire the next generation of nomads. If you're open to it, please consider grabbing an Exhibiting ticket, and opening up your home for a few hours to awe, inspire, and amaze those #vanlife curious folk who are dreaming of their own nomadic journey! Exhibiting is also a great option if you're selling anything out of your rig, as you'll get a higher amount of foot traffic.The official map is still being worked on, but as of right now we have three distinct camping areas:

The Launchpad - this area is for exhibiting rigs, who will be parked along the inner and outer edge of the midway with passenger doors facing in. Set up your chairs, lets the warm Florida winter air blow through your open doors, and get ready to meet some amazing new friends!Meteor Meadow - this area is for general camping, without exhibiting. Rigs will be parked in opposing rows to maintain easy entry/exit and not upset the fire marshall TOO much. :)Orbital Outpost - the Orbital Outpost will a "quieter zone", furthest away from the Launchpad area and stage. This is for those who are looking for a lower key experience.Cosmic Tent Colony - we're adding TENT CAMPING this year! We'll have an area set aside for those in less conventional rigs who prefer the good old tarp and pole setup. Comes with space for an SUV or smaller next to your tent.The Launchpad Area will have clearly defined boundaries to avoid most general admission folks from wandering through, though some may still squeak by! :)

More Staff

We're increasing both our volunteer and paid staff to ensure that someone is always available to answer questions, provide assistance, and make sure no detail goes unmissed. More details to follow, but between this and the Whatsapp group you should be pretty covered for reaching out to us during the event! If you want to help get LIFTOFF! to orbit, check out our Get Involved page for details.

Workshops, Entertainment & Music

Many of you wished there had been more music, games, and contests. We hear you! We're working on this with more full bands, a DJ, more games, workshops, panel discussions, Q&As, and more. Keep an eye on the schedule -- we'll be constantly adding stuff!

We want to hear from you!

What do you want to see differently this year at LIFTOFF? Email us and let us know!

Launch Schedule

LIFTOFF is stacking up to be the greatest vanlife experience that Florida has ever seen! In our second year, we've picked up a bit of a space theme -- it only seems appropriate given the location! We'll have even more rigs, activities / games, music, and memories PLUS a post-event group trip to Kennedy Space Center! Don't forget to grab your ticket!

The official LIFTOFF! schedule is still a work in progress - check back often as we add in more details and activities!   Got an idea for an activity or want to be a part of the event? Reach out to us via email and let's get it on the schedule!

Away Missions

At LIFTOFF! we'll have two Away Missions -- one the weekend before, and one the weekend after the main event.

MISSION: EXPLORATION | 9am to 5pm | Kennedy Space Center

Don't miss out on the first official Away Mission of LIFTOFF! We'll be traveling at warp speed (ok, maybe like 55mph max) to the famous Kennedy Space Center on a mission of exploration and discovery.Check out the Rocket Garden, Shuttle Launch Experience, and get up-close with the Saturn V -- the largest rocket to ever fly! Open to anyone camping at LIFTOFF! Full details to be sent out in the weeks prior to mission start. We're working with KSC on group rates, and simply passing along the cost.Check out the ticket page for details. Open only to those camping at LIFTOFF!

MISSION: TERRAFORMING | 9am to 5pm | Cocoa Beach

Join us for our second Away Mission of 2025 as we head to the beach for a day of "terraforming" - beach clean-up and conservation efforts.We'll focus on cleanup in the morning, then take the afternoon and evening to enjoy the beach, have a potluck-style cookout, get some music going, and celebrate our amazing community! In the evening, we'll head over to a local brewery for some amazing brews, more music, foods trucks, and games. Overnight parking available for a limited number of spots! 100% free!Check out the ticket page for details for details!

All Weekend

Rig Tours & Best in Show Voting | 11am to 5pm | Camping Area
One of our main goals is to help inspire the next generation of nomads through hands-on, tangible experiences. Walk around the exhibition area and check out some of the AMAZING custom created rigs - vans, buses, and everything in-between. Talk to the owners, learn about their time on the road and the undoubtedly amazing stories they have to tell, and get inspired for your own nomadic journey!
LIFTOFF celebrates all rigs, but as folks who converted our own van we have a soft spot for the self-conversions out there. Everyone will get a unique voting token - if you feel that a self-converted rig you tour deserves your vote for Best in Show, make sure you give your voting token to the owner of the rig. On Sunday we’ll tally up the votes and announce the Best in Show winners!Sponsors & Vendors | 11am to 5pm | Event Area
Come check out our amazing industry sponsors and vendors who helped bring LIFTOFF to life!
Cargo Exchange | All Day/Night | Event Area (see map)
Somehow, we all manage to amass stuff in our travels. So why not unload some of it?
The Cargo Exchange will be open for the entire event -- if you have something you're ready to part ways with, leave it on the table. If you see anything that catches your eye, grab it and give it a new home!

Thursday, Feb 6th
Nomads Only Day!

Event Setup | 7am to 6pm | Entire Venue
Setup for the event, sponsors/vendors, food, etc. If you'd like to help out, hit us up!
Early Bird Camping Arrival & Setup | 2pm to 6pm | Camping Area
This is the earliest campers can arrive. Get set up & meet some new friends! If you want to host an event or get something on the schedule, reach out to us via email!
Community Potluck | 6pm to 8pm | LIFTOFF Stage
Let’s get together for a nomad community potluck! Bring a dish, enjoy diverse flavors, and connect with fellow travelers. It's a night of good food, great conversations, and shared experiences in our beautiful nomadic setting. Join us for this heartwarming communal feast! Please make note of allergens and animal products in any food you prepare.
Talent Show | 8pm to 9.30pm | LIFTOFF Stage
Who's got TALENT?! (please read that in an official announcer voice). Signup will be available at the stage all day, spots limited to 5 minutes each. We'll have a panel of judges who will be giving scores based off a variety of criteria. Want to be a judge? Reach out to us via email and explain why!

Friday, Feb 7th
Nomads Only Day!

Morning Walk / Run | 7am | Meet @ Info Booth
A 1-hour early morning walk/run around beautiful Florida! Meet at the Info tent at 7:00 a.m., and don't forget to stretch!
Camping Arrival | 10pm to 6pm | Camping Area
Awesome, you're here! This is the official arrival window for campers. EVERYONE will be assigned a parking spot on a first-come, first-parked basis. If you wish to park with friends it's best to meet up outside and enter together, so that you end up next to each other. Official gate closure is 6pm - if you need to arrive after that hit us up! Once parked, get your rig leveled and comfy, put out your awning, set up your chairs, and say hello to your neighbors!
Welcomes & Happy Hour | 4.30pm to 6pm | LIFTOFF Stage
Grab your favorite drink from the Tiki Bar and join us at the stage.
Live Music & Open Mic | 6pm to 10pm | LIFTOFF Stage
Bring a chair and a drink! More details coming soon.
Dance Party & Costume Contest | 7pm to 8.30pm | LIFTOFF Stage
Details coming soon!

Saturday, Feb 8th
Public Hours: 11am to 5pm

Morning Yoga | 9am to 10am | LIFTOFF Stage
Details coming soon!
Rig Tours + Best in Show Voting | 11a to 4p | Camping Area
One of our missions is to help inspire the next generation of nomads! Walk around the camping area and check out some of the AMAZING custom created rigs - vans, buses, and everything in-between! Talk to the owners, learn about their time on the road and the undoubtedly amazing stories they have to tell, and get inspired for your own nomadic journey.
Workshops & Panels | 12pm to 5pm | Workshop Tent & Stage
Final schedule TBD. Want to host a workshop or panel on something you're passionate about? Reach out to us via email and let's talk!

Got an idea for an activity or want to be a part of the event?

Reach out to us via email and let's get it on the schedule!

Want to Help?

We've got both paid and volunteer roles open!

Join the team that brings the ultimate vanlife experience to life! It takes a team to get LIFTOFF off the ground - check out We’re offering a variety of roles for those interested in contributing to the success of a Vanfest event. Whether you’re looking for a paid position or to volunteer, we’ve got opportunities for you!

Paid Roles
   All paid roles are as a 1099 contractor. All roles are $12/hr unless otherwise stated, with between 8 and 32 hours total.

Tech & Stage Lead
10am to 6pm | Fri, Sat, & Sun
  - Handle all things audio/visual and technical for the festival
  - Should have technical, A/V, and/or IT experience
  - Troubleshoot technical glitches during live performances
  - Collaborate with operations manager to ensure smooth performance transitions
Ticket/Merch Lead
10am to 6pm | Sat, & Sun
  - Oversee ticket & merch operations
  - Accountable for all cash and digital transactions
  - Assist attendees with questions, product inquiries, and purchases
Security Lead
10am to 6pm | Thurs, Fri, Sat, & Sun
  - Ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all attendees
  - Train and brief security personnel on festival policies
  - Interface with medical personnel or police as required
Communications Lead
9a to 5p | Fri, Sat, and Sun
  - Maintain communication with other team leads
  - Update schedule, Whatsapp group, and text messages as needed
  - Take quality, professional photos of the event
  - Capture certain moments and items as defined by VanFest
  - Must have own professional digital photo/video equipment
  - Editing of photos is required post-event
Videographer / Drone
  - Take quality, professional video of the event
  - Capture certain moments and items as defined by VanFest
  - Must have own professional digital video equipment
  - Editing of videos required post-event

Volunteer Roles:   Unpaid, consists of two 5 hour shifts. Comes with all the perks outlined below.

Ticket / Merch / Info
  - Greet campers and general admission attendees
  - Scan tickets, hand out welcome packets
  - Sell merch & raffle tickets
  - Answer questions from attendees
Parking & Operations
  - Assist with parking logistics for campers & general admissions
  - Guide campers to the correct spot
  - Ensure distances between rigs / open areas are clear & aligned
Event Patrol
  - Patrol event, keeping an eye on everything
  - Pick up litter / help empty trash
  - Ensure event rules are observed, address / escalate issues as needed
  - Assist attendees with general inquiries and directions
  - Provide first point of contact for any safety concerns

Benefits for All Roles (both paid and volunteer)

  - FREE camping admission for 1 rig to LIFTOFF (reimbursed within 2 weeks of event)
  - An extra FREE night of camping before event for training
  - Free VanFest t-shirt
  - Free drink tickets (2 per volunteer)
  - 50% discount on any future VanFest event
  - Our eternal gratitude and undying love
  - You get to use a cool walkie-talkie during the event (but please give it back :)

Ready to be a key player in the ultimate vanlife experience? Apply below to be a part of the LIFTOFF team!


Got Questions?

How can I contact you?You can email us at [email protected] or call 805.826.3378. The Instagram for all VanFest events (LIFTOFF included) is @vanfestusa, and the official hashtag for VanFest is #vanfestusa or #vanfest. For LIFTOFF please use #liftoffgathering as well!What is LIFOTFF?LIFTOFF is a space-themed vanlife/nomad celebration, held annually on Florida's Space Coast. We aim to create a safe, inclusive space where all are welcome, regardless of the myraid of things that may divide us in this world. LIFTOFF is many things - a festival celebrating the nomadic community, an expo to showcase this amazing way of living and inspire the next generation of nomads, and a mecca for anyone who wants to have a great long weekend with like-minded people. LIFTOFF is run by VanFest.Who/what is VanFest?VanFest is run by Lance and Jess – a couple who are full-time vanlifers themselves and wanted to create a distinctive gathering spot for the nomadic at heart. It’s a celebration of the vanlife community, a testament to the spirit of adventure, and a hub of inspiration for those planning their own journey into this unique lifestyle. At each event, hundreds of converted vans, buses, and other vehicles converge and open up for tours, providing a real-world source of awe and inspiration for attendees. From seasoned vanlifers to those who’ve only seen the beautiful builds on social media, everyone is welcomed to explore, learn, and connect at VanFest!Do I need a van to attend LIFTOFF?Definitely not! Any/all types of rigs are welcome, and all we ask is that you have the vanlife spirit. We’ve had folks in cars/SUVs, minivans, buses, box trucks, ambulances, and everything in-between. We’ll also have room available for tent camping!If you're just looking to tour some rigs, meet amazing sponsors and vendors, and learn more about nomadic living then Day-use General Admission tickets are available! A day-use GA ticket is good for BOTH Saturday 2/6 and Sun 2/7 from 11a to 5p each day - just keep your wristband on.Is this a family-friendly event?Yes! LIFTOFF is suitable for people of all ages! While some of the music / performances may contain lyrics/language that is a bit more adult, we work with artists to minimize this.What happens if an event is canceled?If our event is canceled for any reason, including public health-related reasons, you will receive either a free spot at a rescheduled or different VanFest event, or a full refund for your tickets. We will not issue refunds if you cannot make an event due to personal circumstances. LIFTOFF is a rain-or-shine event, and we don’t foresee any reason to cancel on our end.What type of ticket should I purchase?If you plan on staying overnight, you'll need a Camping Pass. The Camping Pass gets you one spot for a vehicle up to 45′ in length (specified during ticket checkout). All campers will be parked on a first come, first served basis. If you agreed to exhibiting your rig (thank you!!), you'll be parked front-to-back around both edges of the center track, with your passenger side facing inward. If you're not exhibiting (are you SURE you don’t want to? It’s a great experience with tons of perks!) will be parked in a separate area, but still in front-to-back rows to allow for easy entrance/exit, and to comply with the fire marshall.If you only want to join us for the day, you should purchase a Day Use General Admission ticket. GA tickets are good for daytime entry (10am to 5pm) to LIFTOFF, and one ticket is good for both Saturday 2/6 and Sunday 2/7.Can I sell something at LIFTOFF?Yes! If you intend on selling products or services out of your camping spot/rig, you are required to research and pay all appropriate local taxes. We have officially informed you of this, and it's on you now. ;)Do I have to camp at the event?Nope! You can stay in your vehicle elsewhere and just purchase a GA ticket. GA ticket holders must exit the venue by a certain time, generally 8pm but the specific time may vary per event.Tell me all about camping at LIFTOFF!Camping at LIFTOFF? SWEET! When you arrive you’ll need to show the entrance attendant your ticket (digital or printed), which will get you into the event grounds. You’ll also be issued wristbands (which must be worn at all times), an exhibiting pass, raffle tickets, and a site map.Hook ups are not available, so you must be 100% self-contained and please, don't leak anything onto the ground.We’ll be arranging rigs into rows and parking everyone so that the passenger/slider door faces outwards, with about 35’ in between for your outside setups and a walking area between them. The driver/non-slider side of your van might be parked relatively close to your neighbor. You will not be ASSIGNED specific spots, but you'll be directed on where to park upon arrival. If you would like to park near/next to friends, we recommend that you meet up outside of the event and enter together so that you end up being parked near each other.What camping spot am I assigned?You will not be assigned specific spots. If you would like to park near/next to friends, we recommend that you meet up outside of the event and enter together so that you end up being parked near each other.What does exhibiting your rig entail?On Saturday and Sunday, we encourage EVERYONE to open their doors to the public (as well as other nomads) during certain hours to make new friends and help others get a glimpse into what a nomadic life is all about. You’ll get to teach others about your rig, share stories from the road, and inspire the next generation of nomads and vanlifers.Exhibitors make LIFTOFF the amazing event that it is, and we wouldn’t be here without you!Do I HAVE to showcase/exhibit my rig?Nope! Exhibiting your rig at LIFTOFF is completely optional, but please consider it! One of the best sources of ideas and inspiration for us during our pre-vanlife journey was attending a nomadic event and touring all the rigs; it’s what makes VanFest so amazing for the nomadic-at-heart! By exhibiting and opening your van/rig for tours, you get:– Discounted camping tickets (while they last!)
– First come, first placed parking closest to the action
– Shoutouts on social media (IG/FB)
– Free raffle tickets (2 per rig) for various vanlife-related prizes
– Option to enter into Best in Show contest (multiple categories)
– Featured in the Festival Recap page on the LIFTOFF & VanFest websites
– Professional photos (digital copies) of your/rig van for your own use
– Early bird registration for future VanFest events
Non-exhibitors will not be able to enter Best in Show contests and will be parked farther away from the main event area.What should I bring to LIFTOFF?Along with the stuff you normally camp within your rig, we recommend bringing the following:– Camping chairs and/or a blanket. Many activities will be outside, so you’ll want to have a nice place to sit.
– Insect spray or other insect repellants (no “bug bombs” please).
– Flashlights. We’ll have minimal lighting, but it’s always good to have a flashlight when outside at night.
– Food and beverage for the length of the event. We’ll have food trucks and beverages on site, but you’re welcome to bring anything you wish to enjoy during the gathering and with all that we have planned, you probably won’t want to leave to go shopping!
– Your own plates/silverware/cups. We want to reduce single-use waste as much as possible.
– Sunblock, hats, sunglasses and other forms of sun protection.
– Hiking gear or a bike if you want to explore before/after the event.
Will there be bathrooms/showers?Bathrooms? Yes! There will be portable toilets on site which will be cleaned/stocked regularly.Showers? No. While we'd love to have a portable shower truck available, they're far too expensive.Who needs to have tickets?A camping ticket is good for admission for two adults and their children into the event.For Day Use / General Admission, children under the age of 13 are not required to have tickets but are required to be with a parent/legal guardian who does. Campers, vendors, and sponsors, all come with various levels of GA access. Wristbands will be given upon check-in, and must be worn at all times during the event. GA hours are 11am to 5pm -- any GA ticketholders must depart by 5.30pm at the latest.Where’s the nearest gas station / grocery store / water fill / RV dump / restaurant?Great questions! Check out the local resources guide belowCan I help out at LIFTOFF?Absolutely! We have a small number of paid and volunteer positions available. Check out the Get Involved page for more info and [shoot us an email](mailto:[email protected]?subject=Getting Involved with LIFTOFF] if you want to join!How long is LIFTOFF?LIFTOFF is a three-day weekend affair, starting on Friday 2/7 at 11am, and ending on Monday 2/10 at 12pm. If you're exhibiting your rig, you're welcome to arrive as early as 2pm on Thursday, 2/6. We'll have public hours for rigs tours/classes & workshops on Saturday 2/8 and Sunday 2/9 from 11am to 5pm. Check out the schedule page for a full list of events.Are pets allowed?Yes! Bring your furry friends – but you must have them on a leash and you are 100% responsible for their behavior. Please clean up after your pets and properly dispose of anything they create in the trash cans on site. All pets must be well behaved, and if any animal that is displaying aggressive behavior they’ll need to remain inside a locked vehicle for the safety of the animal and LIFTOFF attendees. If a pet is a disturbance to others and you are unable to rectify the sitaution, you will be asked to leave the event with no refund issued.Can I leave the venue and come back?Yes, but not in your rig. You can leave the venue and return on foot/bike/rideshare (from the front gate), but you must show your ticket & wristband again at the entrance. If you’re camping and you know you’ll need to leave before the event officially ends, let us know at [email protected] and we’ll ensure that you can sneak out. If you just want to leave to check out the town or grab something at the store, plan on walking, cycling, or using a rideshare service.If you have an emergency come up and need to move your rig, find a LIFTOFF staff member and we’ll make it happen.Will there be water/power at the event?No. Prepare to be “off-grid” for your duration of your time at LIFTOFF. We’ll send out an email prior to the event with the best locations nearby for water, gas, etc -- you can also check out the (Local Resources guide**){#resources] for this info. Please dump all toilets and waste tanks before arrival.Can I use a generator?Generators will be allowed ONLY from 10am to 8pm, but we strongly advise against generator use in general due to the fact that everyone will be parked close together, and generators create irritating and potentially harmful exhaust fumes and unwanted noise. Your best source of power will be the sun! ☀️Do I have to attend the whole event?No. You may attend as much or as little of the event as you wish, however if you are camping and need to leave early let us know ASAP at [email protected] to make sure you’re accommodated and can easily get out. This will likely mean that you’re parked a bit strategically, and you may have to wait a bit on check-in to fill a spot at the end of a row.Will there be food/alcohol at LIFTOFF?We love food – who doesn’t?! We'll have a select few locally owned/operated food trucks to provide an amazing culinary experience (ok, you’re eating outside at a vanlife event – the experience will certainly be unique, but the food will definitely be amazing!)We’ll be adding the names/details of food trucks that will be attending to the schedule page once we have that information.Can I bring my own food & alcohol?If you are attending the event as a camper you may bring your own food & alcohol. BUT, please consume alcohol (or anything else) responsibly. If you appear too intoxicated you create an awkward situation for everyone, and we don't want to have to ask you to leave. We encourage you to bring your own reusable plates/utensils to minimize single-use waste.Is there cell phone service?****
Yep! Tmobile works very well in the area, though we can't speak to other carriers. Starlink should work great, as there's no trees to get in the way. We’ll have a working phone available at the ticket booth for emergencies should anyone need it.
Is there wifi at the venue?No. However, cell phone service is pretty good.Where do I go when I arrive at LIFTOFF?You will be directed by the event staff as you enter the event, please follow their directions.What activities are nearby the event?Lots! LIFTOFF will be about 25 minutes inland from Cocoa Beach, and there's a ton of other things in the area as well! Keep an eye out for an email that details the event, which will contain information on the surrounding area. Check out the local resources guide below as well.Are fires allowed?Yes! We've received the OK from the fire marshll for "personal campfires". Please follow the rules below:
  - Fires are above-ground (Solo Stove, mesh fire pit, etc).
  - Total fuel area does not exceed 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet in height.
  - You must have an extinguishing method readily available (we suggest these portable extinguishers from Amazon.
  - Fire is not located within 25 feet of structure/combustable material.
Please note - if winds or other conditions beyond our control arise, the fire marshall may not allow fires.Can I take pictures / videos / fly a drone?Not only are photos and videos of all aspects of the event are not only allowed, they’re encouraged! Snap/film away, share on socials, etc. All we ask is that you tag your photos with the #vanfest and #liftoff hash tag and tag @vanfestusa.Unfortunately, due to liability issues, drones are NOT allowed. It’s far too easy to seriously injure someone by crashing a drone into their face, and no one wants that. If you see any drones at LIFTOFF, they’re flown by our licensed & insured media partners.Is smoking allowed?For tobacco - absolutely not. Cigarettes/cigars smell terrible and they're pretty gross. For the health and safety of everyone, LIFTOFF is a tobacco-smoke-free event. If you must consume tobacco products, it must be smokeless (vape, dip, etc). If you use a vaporizer, please do so politely. If you dip, don't spit it on the ground. If you’re found smoking tobacco inside the venue, you’ll be asked to immediately stop; failure to do so will result in you being removed from the event. If you wish to smoke tobacco, please exit the venue on foot to do so, and please try to remain downwind.Each state has varying laws on other smokable plant materials, and we ask that consume responsibly. You are responsible for adhering to local/state law. Please also be respectful of those with children or people who are not fans of such things. If you DO spark up, text Lance directly at 805.826.3378 if you're willing to share! :)What are the COVID-19 policies at VanFest?While COVID has certainly abated, it’s still a small part of our lives. The past few years have also provided different levels of challenges to different people. We ask that you're open minded and respectful of other's medical needs and wishes as we navigate this odd post-COVID world we live in.

Am I allowed to play music?Music will be allowed in the camping area at a responsible level, but be considerate and respectful of those near you. Music should not contain overly offensive language. Quiet hours in the camping area will be from 11pm to 7am, and will be enforced to ensure the peaceful enjoyment of others. We will have live music at the main stage on Saturday and Sunday nights, so please be respectful of those musicians and do not play your own music during those performances.I am a professional builder and want to showcase my builds, how do I do that?All individuals/companies/dealerships who would like to solicit their vehicle building services should reach out to [email protected] to discuss vendor and sponsorship opportunities.If camping tickets sell out, where can I stay?Due to popularity, we expect the camping passes to sell out. We suggest you utilize apps like iOverlander or Sekr to find nearby places to safely and legally spend the night.What isn’t allowed?
This is not a comprehensive list – use your best judgment. We have the right to, at our discretion, admend, add, or remove anything from the list below. By attending, you agree to this.
– Discriminative or divisive symbols, and inappropriate imagery.
– Weapons such as guns, knives, pepper spray/mace, tasers, etc. This includes off-duty law enforcement or concealed carry permit – guns are not allowed at VanFest.
– Drugs or drug paraphernalia. Respect local/state laws.
– Flammables such as fireworks, explosives, road flares, etc.
What are the Terms and Conditions?
The Terms & Conditions can be found here.
Don’t see your question?
Shoot us an email at [email protected] or fill out the form below!

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We're here to help and answer any question you might have about LIFTOFF. Whether you're curious about music line-ups, have questions about tickets, or just want to share your excitement about the festival, we'd love to hear from you!Drop us a line or shoot us an email, and we'll get back to you ASAP. Your passion for nomadic community drives us to create the best experience possible, and we value your input every step of the way. Let's connect!   🎉

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Terms & Conditions

You're responsible for reading this before buying a ticket.
Not reading it is not an excuse to violate anything here.

Camping and General Admission

By purchasing a ticket to VanFest, you (“you” or "Ticket Holder") are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. Please read these terms carefully before completing your purchase. If you do not agree with these terms, do not purchase a ticket for VanFest.By purchasing a ticket to VanFest, you acknowledge that you’ve had the opportunity to review these terms prior to purchase. Your decision to complete the purchase means that you accept these terms. VanFest is not responsible for any claims or disputes arising from your failure to read, understand, or comply with these terms.Safety, Conduct, and Zero Tolerance
Read in-depth about our Code of Conduct here.
In a nutshell, when it comes to physical safey, we're not messing around. VanFest strives to create a safe space for everyone, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, political beliefs, or any other of the myriad of things that divide us in this world. If at any time during a VanFest event you do not feel safe, or you observe someone else exhibiting behavior that they may not feel safe, say something. Find a VanFest staff member or volunteer. Reach out to us via email or social media. Call us directly at 805.826.3378. If you see something, say something.Making anyone feel unsafe through words or actions is unacceptable. Anyone found doing so will be removed from the event and no longer allowed at future events without exception. VanFest will involve the police or other authorities without exception. VanFest will not be playing favorites or siding with ANYONE involved in an unsafe situation. VanFest will provide factual evident to the authorities. If anyone's behavior at a VanFest event or involving in some way a VanFest event negatively affects VanFest's brand, image, or status, VanFest WILL press charges against that person and will vehemently pursue the most extreme form of legal punishment and compensation for any/all damages as allowed by the law.Pets
Pets are allowed at VanFest, with the requirement that dogs must be leashed at all times. Dogs displaying aggressive or unruly behavior will be asked to leave, along with their owners, at the discretion of VanFest. You are responsible for the behavior of your pet(s) and must ensure that pets do not cause any harm or disturbance to other attendees, staff, or the event venue. Owners are required to clean up after their pets and dispose of waste properly. Failure to comply with these rules may result in removal from the event without a refund. Additionally, you should be aware of any local regulations or restrictions regarding pets, including ensuring that their pets' vaccinations and health documentation are up to date before attending VanFest.
Security & Conduct
For the safety and security of all attendees, weapons are not permitted at VanFest. Bags may be searched at the discretion of VanFest, and any items deemed dangerous, disruptive, or otherwise inappropriate may be confiscated. Fireworks and other explosive devices are strictly prohibited.
You agree to behave responsibly and respectfully while attending VanFest, and to comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. You acknowledge that VanFest may refuse entry or remove any attendee from the event for disruptive, unsafe, or inappropriate conduct, at their sole discretion, including involving law enforcement. No refunds will be issued for tickets in such cases. Anyone that is removed from the event will not be allowed at any future VanFest events, and for the safety of the community that person's information may be given to other related event companies.Use of Media
By attending VanFest, you grant VanFest the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use, reproduce, distribute, and display any photographs, video, audio, or other media that either captures your likeness, voice, or participation in the event, or that you share of a VanFest event or the travel to or from a VanFest event on social media platforms, without payment or compensation. VanFest will make every reasonable effort to credit you or the original creator where possible. This grant includes the right to modify, adapt, and create derivative works from such media.
You also agree that you may not revoke these permission, and hereby waive any right to royalties, payments, or other compensation arising from the use of such media by VanFest.Ticket Holder agrees that they may not revoke this permission, and hereby waives any right to royalties, payments, or other compensation arising from the use of such media by VanFest.Purchase, Transfers, and Refunds
Tickets to VanFest are non-refundable, except in the case of event cancellation due directly to actions and decisions of and by VanFest. In such cases, refunds will be issued at the discretion of VanFest. Should the event not occur on the specified dates due to circumstances beyond VanFest’s reasonable control, you will have the option of a refund or applying your ticket to any future VanFest event. Tickets may not be transferred or resold without the express permission of VanFest.
VanFest is committed to providing a welcoming and accessible event for all attendees. If you require accommodations due to a disability, please [c]ontact the event organizers](mailto:[email protected]) IN ADVANCE to discuss your needs and make appropriate arrangements. Failure to do so on your part may result in a less than desirable experience, and VanFest shall not be responsible for failing to provide accessible accommodations if no advance notice was given at least thirty (30) days prior to the event.
No Liability
You acknowledge that VanFest, its organizers, sponsors, staff, and volunteers (collectively "VanFest") shall not be held liable for any loss, injury, or damage to persons or property occurring during the VanFest event. This includes, but is not limited to, accidents, theft, or other incidents that may occur on the event grounds or during your travels to or from the event.
You agree to indemnify and hold harmless VanFest from any claims, damages, or expenses, including reasonable attorneys' fees, arising out of or in connection with your attendance.COVID-19
While it seems that the pandemic days are behind us, COVID is still a part of our lives. By purchasing a ticket you agree that you will not attend the event in the case where you are displaying COVID symptoms and/or symptoms that may pose a risk of infection to others. You agree to practice hand washing and other routine cleanliness during the event, and you also agree to respect the wishes of others when it comes to COVID precautions.
VanFest is a tobacco-free event. Period. End of story. It’s 2023, and the greater majority of people do not want to be exposed to tobacco smoke. There will be no consumption of tobacco allowed on the premises during the event. If you are caught smoking tobacco in any form, you may be asked to leave and will not be refunded. If you wish to smoke or consume a tobacco product, you must leave the premises to do so, and please try to remain downwind of the event.
VanFest reserves the right to update or modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. The most current version of these terms will be available on the VanFest website. Ticket Holder's continued use of a ticket to attend VanFest constitutes acceptance of any such updates or modifications. In the event of a significant change to these terms and conditions, VanFest will endeavor to provide reasonable notice to Ticket Holders, but it is the responsibility of the Ticket Holder to stay informed about any changes by regularly reviewing the VanFest website and any communications from the event organizers.
Don't be a dick (or DBAD), is something that you're agreeing to here. In a nutshell, you won't do anything that is perceived by either VanFest attendees or staff as you acting in a way that makes you a dick. This can include annoying/obnoxious behavior or noise, endangering others in some way, acting disrespectfully against an individual / group / demographic, etc. There's no comprehensive list or definition - it's open to interpretation, and only VanFest staff has the final ruling. You agree, if you are found to be acting like a dick, to immediately stop upon first warning. There will be no second warning - you will be asked to leave the event. If you don't leave, you'll be escorted out by the authorities on trespassing. Anything that warrants charges being pressed will have charges pressed against you by VanFest.

Vendors and Sponsors

You agree to pay the full amount associated with your selected Vendor/Sponsor package within 5 business days of signing this agreement. Payment must be made via a digital invoice sent by VanFest.
Benefits and Responsibilities
You will receive the benefits outlined in your selected package. You are responsible for providing any necessary materials for marketing purposes, including logos, artwork, banners, signs, and promotional materials, in the format and by the deadlines set by
No Guarantees
There are no guarantees of sales, leads, or any other specific results. You acknowledge that your participation is at your own risk, and VanFest does not guarantee any level of exposure or success.
Cancellation and Refunds
If you cancel your participation, no refunds will be provided. If VanFest cancels the event, you will be entitled to a 100% refund or an equivalent slot at the next event, at your discretion.
Both parties agree to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and ordinances in connection with their participation in the event.
Intellectual Property
Both parties agree to provide a limited license to one another for the use of intellectual property for promoting and conducting event operations. All usage must be consistent with any provided brand guidelines.
You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless VanFest, its directors, officers, employees, and agents from any and all claims, liabilities, damages, expenses, and losses arising out of or related to
Limitation of Liability
VanFest's liability to you is limited to the amount paid by you for your Vendor/Sponsor package. VanFest is not liable for any indirect, incidental, consequential, or special damages.
You shall provide VanFest with a certificate of insurance confirming General Liability coverage with limits no less than $1,000,000 per event / $2,000,000 general aggregate. This must be submitted no later than one (1) month before the event.
Force Majeure
Neither party shall be held responsible for any delay or failure in performance due to events beyond its reasonable control, such as natural disasters or other unforeseen circumstances.
Dispute Resolution
Any disputes shall be resolved through good faith negotiations or binding arbitration in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association.
Governing Law
This agreement is governed by the laws of the state where the event is held.
Neither party will disparage or criticize the other party or its business affairs after the agreement is signed.
Entire Agreement
These Terms represent the entire understanding between both parties and supersede any previous agreements. Amendments require a written agreement by both parties.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct & Community Guidelines for VanFestIf you ever need to contact VanFest for an emergency situation, call us at 805.826.3378.In a nutshell, when it comes to safety, we're not messing around. VanFest strives to create a safe space for everyone, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, political beliefs, or any other of the myriad of things that divide us in this world. If at any time during a VanFest event you do not feel safe, or you observe someone else exhibiting behavior that they may not feel safe, say something. Find a VanFest staff member or volunteer. Reach out to us via email or social media. Call us directly at 805.826.3378. If you see something, say something.Making anyone feel unsafe through words or actions is unacceptable. Anyone found doing so will be removed from the event and no longer allowed at future events without exception. VanFest will involve the police or other authorities without exception. VanFest will not be playing favorites or siding with ANYONE involved in an unsafe situation. VanFest will comply with and provide factual evidence to the authorities and courts.If anyone's behavior at a VanFest event or involving in some way a VanFest event negatively affects VanFest's brand, image, or status, VanFest WILL press charges against that person and will vehemently pursue the most extreme degree of legal consequences and compensation for any/all damages as allowed by the law.VanFest is a safe, respectful, inclusive, and creative environment for everyone to enjoy. This Code of Conduct and Community Guidelines apply to everyone at the event and who participate in our social media channels, and we hope to see it reflected in the way we treat one another in general. Guests, staff, volunteers, vendors, sponsors, and press will be held to the same standards.We reserve the right to (and will) remove or ban any person who does not adhere to the Code of Conduct and Community Guidelines.We do not tolerate harassment of any kind, including but not limited to: - Intimidation or threats
 - Inappropriate disruption of events
 - Intentionally hurtful language
 - Physical assault of any type
 - Inappropriate physical contact
 - Unwanted sexual attention
 - Unwanted photography or video recording
 - Bullying or stalking
This applies especially in connection to race or ethnicity, national origin, gender identity or presentation, sex or sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, medical condition, or pregnancy, citizenship status, and political ideology, but we're not limiting it to just those categories.What to Do
If you are asked to stop any harassing behavior, stop immediately.
If you experience or witness any form of harassment, please contact the nearest volunteer and/or staff member. A manager will address the situation. To file a formal report, please email us. All reports will be investigated - please provide detailed information and your contact information.
If you feel unsafe in your immediate situation, please alert our staff, move to a safe location, and contact 911. In the case that there is not cell service, please contact a friend and/or staff member with Starlink or some other satellite connectivity to contact the authorities. VanFest will have a Starlink system available at all events.If you need medical assistance, please alert our staff, and if necessary contact 911. If you are looking for trauma support and/or victims advocacy, please go to any VanFest staff member who can facilitate a safe/quiet space and contact the appropriate authorities.If you are having an unexpected or uncomfortable experience due to a difficult experience, psychedelic or otherwise, we encourage you to grab any VanFest staff member who can facilitate a safe/quiet space and if necessary involve emergency medical services.Prevention
While we can and will respond to any incident at a VanFest event including removal and banning of offending parties, the truth is that VanFest is not a law-enforcement agency. We encourage anyone who feels unsafe at our events to alert our staff, move to a safe location, and to call/contact 911 when you are within cell range. Every reasonable effort will be made by VanFest to provide a means of contacting emergency services.
At our events we have the following teams and protocols to assist in the safety and security of participants: - Consent & Attendee Safety workshops for all staff and volunteers
 - Close, working relationship with local law enforcement
 - Security personnel and/or volunteers in plainclothes observing the event and attendees
We encourage everyone to be proactive. The safety and success of events and the community relies on everyone: we want every person at VanFest to be committed to creating an environment that is free from violence, harassment, and sexual assault. If you see something, say something.Leave No Trace
By attending VanFest, you agree to follow Leave No Trace Principles. We believe in honoring the land by minimizing environmental impact to the best of our abilities. The 7 LNT principles are:
 - Plan ahead and prepare
 - Travel and camp on durable surfaces
 - Dispose of waste properly
 - Leave what you find
 - Minimize campfire impacts
 - Respect wildlife
 - Be considerate of others
For more information on Leave No Trace, please visit Policy
We love dogs! Honestly, meeting so many new doggo friends is one of the best perks of running VanFest. However, we have a strict on-leash dog policy at all events. No dog should ever run around unleashed at VanFest - this allows members of the community to participate if they have a reactive dog, are nervous around dogs, have other pets, etc. There are no exceptions to this rule.
We take any and all complaints made towards members of our community whether they are staff, attendees, sponsors, vendors, or community members very seriously. The privacy and safety of survivors are of the utmost importance, and complaints and their details are never made public or shared with third parties unless explicitly requested by the person making the complaint and/or the information is already publicly known.
If an individual is deemed to impact the safety and sense of well-being of our community, we reserve the right to (and will) remove the person from our event, ban that person from our events, and to inform other event organizers that they have been banned. Yes, that's right -- we all talk, and we're all in this together. If you act in an irresponsible, unsafe, or otherwise inappropriate manner at one nomadic event, expect to be completely excluded from all of them.Consent
Avoid confusion and misunderstanding by employing clear, consent-based communication. It is your responsibility to get a clear, enthusiastic, and un-coerced 'yes' before touching another person or doing anything that may make another person feel uncomfortable. Only a yes is a yes. Everything else, including silence, is a no. Consent is affirmative and can be withdrawn at any time. Respect this.
For example, even something seemingly innocuous as greeting a stranger or acquaintance with a hug should be offered and not assumed to be permitted until explicit verbal consent is given.Consent is the cornerstone of a healthy society. The joy of our community can be experienced only when people are free to express themselves without fear of sexual assault and non-consensual physical contact. To be a part of this community means knowing about and applying the principle of consent.Make sure you understand consent by educating yourself with the following resources: - What is Consent from RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network)
 - Fuck Yes! From the Accuracy Third podcast
 - The 11th Principle: Consent
VanFest fully supports the ongoing national dialog on these issues, and we want you to know we will remain focused on nurturing consent culture and supporting anyone who experiences unwanted sexual behavior at our events and in the OVN community.Please take the time to learn about consent-based communication and talk to your friends, family, and community. Your efforts will make a better, safer community for everyone.In it Together
We are continuously working to improve our support for participants and staff, including providing education to our community. We believe that informing participants about the resources available at VanFest will help ensure people know where to go when help is needed.
We believe that informing participants about the resources available at VanFest will help to ensure people know where to go when help is needed, and that we’ll be more successful in our ongoing effort to provide support and resources. Please take a look and share this resource with your friends and campmates.It is up to all of us to build a culture of consent, to take action when we see something that doesn’t look or feel right, and to seek help when help is needed.Thank you for your help fostering an educated, empowered, and safe community.Advocacy
What is Sexual Assault? What is Sexual Misconduct?
Sexual misconduct is a legal term encompassing a range of unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature committed by intimidation, coercion, manipulation, or force. Sexual misconduct includes sexual harassment, sexual assault, and any conduct of a sexual nature without consent.Sexual assault is a criminal act that may be defined differently in different states.Supporting VictimsThe minutes, hours, and days after an assault are particularly vulnerable times for a victim. Our approach is to support survivors, inform them of their options and provide resources so they may control what happens next.We encourage anyone who experiences or witnesses sexual misconduct at a VanFest event to report it immediately to law enforcement, to medical personnel, or to VanFest staff/volunteerWe understand that a victim may or may not wish to provide their name to our staff or law enforcement, get law enforcement involved, or speak with a trained advocate. A victim may need a safe, quiet space to be alone with friends or go to the hospital.If you report an incident of sexual assault to one of our staff or volunteers, our entire team and community will be there to support you. Law enforcement does not always provide these resources to you (or even notify VanFest about the incident), so if you report an incident directly to law enforcement we highly encourage you to expressly request support services from them or go to any VanFest staff member.Please Note: It can be difficult for victims to repeat their story multiple times — please help them connect to the resources we have (described below and on our website) without asking them to repeat their story to bystanders unless they wish to do so.EvidenceMany of us in this community have rigs that are adorned with video (and perhaps audio) recording devices. If there is an incident at a VanFest event, we may reach out to the attendees with a request for anyone with such devices to volunteer digital recordings to aid in law enforcement investigation. While this is not required, we hope that you all will help in these situations.Medical ServicesWhile we will do our best to have trained medical staff on-site during an event, we may not be able to. If there are medical personnel available, their location and contact information will be on the event schedule. If there are not, we will assist in any way possible to get police, fire, or EMTs to the event as quickly as possible.Sexual Assault Forensic ExamsIn the event that such is necessary, VanFest will offer to cover transportation costs for survivors to an emergency or medical facility, greatly decreasing the examination time and facilitating a more streamlined and speedy process post-incident.Zero ToleranceAssault, sexual or otherwise, is never tolerated at VanFest, or anywhere within the community. If any survivor wishes to report a sexual assault, upon request by the survivor the VanFest will contact and notify law enforcement.Other Resources   24/7/365 Crisis Call Center Hotline
   (775) 784-8090 or (800) 273-8255
   SASS – Sexual Assault Support Services
   (775) 784-8090 or (775) 221-7600
   National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline
   (800) 656-4673
   National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) HelpLine
   (800) 950-6264
   Veterans Crisis Line
   (800) 273-8255
   LGBT National Hotline
   (888) 843-4564
   National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
   (800) 273-8255
   Domestic Violence Hotline
   (800) 500-1556 (24/7 in English or Spanish)
   Lighthouse Services
   Zendo Project
   Fireside Project – Psychedelic Support Hotline
   (623) 473-7433

Thank you for your help fostering an educated, empowered, and safe community at VanFest.
Revised May 2024